Monday, May 30, 2011

about me

Hi...I'm Lisa and I'm delighted you stopped by!  I love a warm sunny day and an ice cold diet coke.  My husband is my best friend and my girls keep me smiling and laughing.  I am just a simple little mormon girl born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley.  My notion to start a preschool started close to 13 years ago when I had 2 little toddlers and wanted nothing more than for them to be confident in who they are as individuals and in learning.

Sometimes life presents us with a bump in the road.  When my oldest daughter was 8, she was diagnosed with ADD and petite mal seizures.  She was in 3rd grade.  Not understanding how to teach a child like mine, teachers often left her holding on by a thread.  After years of meeting with many educators and counselors we could not figure out how to get her educated properly.  She learned incredibly well through art and creativity, but couldn't retain what she read from a book to save her life!  She ended up being a student who was slipping through the cracks.  It's not easy watching your child suffer in any situation, but when they start resisting their desire to learn it's a little scary.  However, this is not a sob story...she just graduated from high school and is moving on to obtain a degree in cosmotology!  I couldn't be happier for her :]

Because of my experiences, in raising both of my daughters, I found it important to involve myself in PTA, school class rooms and school activities.  I also organized play groups and started a book club for children, which proved to be very successful.  These adventures proved to me that children learn much more aggressively when they are at play and using their imagination and sense of wonder.

At this point, it is my goal to provide children, no matter their learning level, with the chance to learn confidently.  Fun and adventure should always be a part of the learning process.  Children love learning in an open environment where encouragement and compliments abide!  I love learning about new idea's and being inspired by great educators and creative mentors!  We all love learning, and we are learning everyday.  I pray that the children I am fortunate enough to guide and teach will go on in confidence and with a sense of creativity through the rest of their wonderful lives.  Now, wouldn't that just be a perfect world? ;]

Please come back to my sight as often you'd like.  Feel free to steal an idea or share one.  We learn so much when we share :]

Just Keep Smiling...
Miss Lisa :]
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I am located in Bluffdale, Utah